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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fire Spinning Lessons


We are now teaching weekly at The Sideshow in West End!

Check out our amazing workshops @ The Sideshow. Also find their facebook page here.


Our Introduction to Fire Spinning Workshop

The FireTricks Introduction to Fire Spinning Workshop is perfect for those beginning their journey in the fire arts or those that have been spinning for a while but want to add some new tech to their flow arsenal. The three hour spin doctor workshop will cover poi, single staff, contact staff and double staff.

Jaron and Ben will guide you through the basics of these fire props and share a variety of techniques to diversify areas of your flow.

Jaron has been fire performing since 2006 with FireTricks. Specialising in Double Staff and Poi he will certainly give you ideas and an approach that will improve your technique.

Ben is a contact staff wizard, learning the art since a teenager he has had the opportunity to spin with some of the world's most influential flow artists. Get ready to have your staff and contact staff worlds blown with new executions and interchanges.

Each of these teachers specializes in each type fire spinning equipment.

These include;

•    Single Staff

•    Poi

•    Double Staff

•    Fire Hoop

•    Fire Fans

•    Contact Staff

The lessons are split into groups using the same equipment.  Spinning fundamentals will be taught in a group structure with the teacher also providing personal 1 on 1 training.

Firetricks prides it’s self on providing a positive learning environment backed up by real world performing teachers.  We don’t mess around you will become a fire spinning ninja!